Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Munitions handling on the Royal Navy’s aircraft carriers via Save The Royal Navy Blog...

Interesting story and worth a read here.

What has me spinning isn't the subject of the story but rather the limited munitions carried by the F-35B...and how long it will STILL TAKE in order to get full clearance to carry them.

The dates seem to vary (just for the weapons you see above) but Block 4 is the fly in the ointment and we're looking at 2025 before we see the Brits with even a limited standoff attack potential.

Despite the happy talk, things are not good in the land of the F-35.  Seems like it will take till around 2030 before we see real progress...and a real weapons carriage ability from this airplane.

Do we have that much time for a plane that is suppose to have Western air power?

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