Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Nigerian Army firefight with Boko Harem.

 Couple of things.

1.  Thought Executive Outcomes was dead.  Is the part about former members assisting in this fight true?

2.  The US/UK and others are involved in this fight.  Africa is the new Special Ops playground.  Circling back to #1.  Has anyone done a study comparing the effectiveness of what EO is doing verses SOCOM?

3.  Interesting that they aren't talking about using any fancy ISR.  Don't know for sure but it sounds like they're using old fashioned trackers.  Is our reliance on drones and other systems a weakness?

4.  The part about "endless pursuit" rings of our whack a mole strategy.  What are they doing that we aren't?  Instead of being in all places at once should we go back to an idea of pushing a force...running a single entity (whether ISIS, or Boko Harem) into the ground in order to successfully disband the organization?

That's just a few initial thoughts.

One thing is certain.  Our entire playbook is in need of a re-evaluation.

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