Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Number of noncombatants in Chinese military almost halved...highlights of their new Defense White Paper...

via China Daily.
Nearly half the noncombatant jobs in the military have been abolished and about 25 percent of office posts at military units above the regiment level have been shed.

Military organizations involved in artistic performance, sports, news services, publication, and medical and research bodies have been dismantled or simplified, the white paper said.

The military had fulfilled its goal of reducing its troops by 300,000, and now maintained an active force of 2 million troops, the white paper said.
Story here. 

Wow.  We've bitched and moaned about the "fluff" in our military and the Chinese aren't talking but instead acting.

It's piecemeal but we've seen moves over the course of about 5 years to actually make the Chinese military more lethal...more ready for the fight.

The Chinese are getting ready for the big fight.

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