Sunday, July 07, 2019

Questions the British Army will have to answer before they can move into the future....

I was monitoring discussions about the British Army and while the discussion is always about gear, a bigger question looms that no one seems to want to answer. What is the British Army expected to do after BREXIT?

But let's ignore the big question and focus on their current procurement priorities. Check out the confusion..........

1. Why continue the Warrior upgrade. It makes no sense, costs mad money and is not the performer that the AJAX is. Wouldn't it make more sense to buy the AJAX to fulfill that role than modernize the Warrior?

2. Why put the AJAX in the scout role. Its way too big and seems to be repeating the mistake the US Army made by trying to put the Bradley into that role.

3. What are you gonna do with the freaking Challenger? My God that thing is old in the tooth and is getting older while decisions are being made. Why not grab onto the US Army's upgrade path with the Abrams?

4. How big is big enough for the UK Army? Cap badges are important to you guys. I get it. But a smaller, more affordable and efficient force seems like a no brainer.

5. What about artillery? Your current Self Propelled Gun gets no love, I see no move to upgrade it or buy a newer model and the investment in HIMARS/MLRS seems pathetically small.

6. Like most in the West the British Army has awoken to the idea that anti-air is necessary for ground forces on the modern battlefield. Awesome work so credit is given.

7. What is the fight you're getting ready for? Is it against Russia? If so then I don't see the rationale (besides the fact that they're facing the horde of organization built to defend against one about a waste of resources and a propaganda win). Is it against China? Cool! But we need you guys to be totally different than you are now. The Middle East? This makes sense but do you really want to wade into those waters?

The British Army is a proud institution. They'll figure this out.

But they should first pause, pick a direction and then move. Doing it on the fly is wasteful.

I know I left alot out so fill in the blanks. If you agree cool. If you disagree then tell me where I'm wrong.

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