Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sexual Assault is the reason why the SEALs were kicked out of theater???

Thanks to FormerDirtDart for the link!

A few idiot Marines out at Camp Pendleton knocked the issue of Navy SEALs out of the headlines but this will see them HAMMERED by the media.

This is bad juju.

I fully expect for not only heads to roll but for the good times to be over.

How bad do I think it'll get?

I'm betting that down the line we're gonna see more than a couple of SEAL Teams go away.

They expanded and now the downsizing is gonna hit real hard and fast.

That Trident is sought after...but like we used to this circumstance better them that the Marine Corps.  The dummies at Pendleton will get hammered.  The SEALs are about to get micro fragmented.

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