Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Future of China's Amphibious Assault Fleet via The Diplomat...

via The Diplomat.
The PLAN amphibious assault fleet is likely to enjoy further expansion between now and the mid 2020s. Key projects to watch include the 075 LHD family, whether the 071 LPD family will be further expanded or not, and whether the PLAA landing ship fleet will be further sustained and recapitalized.
Story here. 

I started with the end.  READ THIS ARTICLE!  I follow Rick Joe on Twitter and you should too.  He gives some of the best info on the Chinese military/weapon systems that I've read on the web.

How good is he?  He's on my Twitter List as a "must read" everyday.

Off topic.  I'm watching the Chinese build their Marine Corps (attempting) up to USMC standards.  What's missing?  A STOVL airplane.

Why wouldn't they pursue such a thing?

This is mere speculation on my part and a sore spot for some, but I think they've probably looked at the calculus and decided that a STOVL airplane just wasn't worth the effort.


What would the USMC look like if we did away with fast movers off our LHD/LHAs and instead teamed with the Navy and had all our planes operating off carriers?

Would we see a reduction in the utility of our MEUs?

Is this an exquisite capability that just isn't worth it historically?  I'm not sure.  Can you think of an operation where the 6 or so Harriers (looking at the past) could have made a difference?  Can you think of a time when an MEU went into even light combat without the support of a carrier?

I can't.

USMC historians step up and correct me where I'm wrong.  USMC tacticians/conceptualist step up and tell me why we're so wedded to this idea.

Just because we've had a capability since the 1960's (or around that time frame) doesn't mean that it makes sense moving forward.

The Chinese for all intents in purposes don't see the utility.  I'd like to know if they're onto something or if we're buying an EXPENSIVE capability with little practicality.

I'm just asking the question...don't shoot the messenger!

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