Saturday, July 27, 2019

The new Sergeant Major Of The Marine Corps says...The Corps exists for “a singular purpose” the round hitting the target. The Corps is about warfighting.”

via Marines
There’s a new sergeant major of the Marine Corps in town as of Friday, but don’t expect a whirlwind of changes anytime soon.

If the mantra of Sgt. Maj. Troy Black, the 19th sergeant major of the Marine Corps, could be summed up, it’s in the popular 1970s Marine Corps recruiting ad: “We don’t promise you a rose garden."

Black told Marine Corps Times in an exclusive interview that Marines shouldn’t expect significant changes to tattoo policies, grooming standards, uniform regulations or re-enlistment incentives: What he’s focused on is the foundation of the Corps and its Marines.

The Corps exists for “a singular purpose” Black said. “The round hitting the target. The Corps is about warfighting.”

And there are certain non-negotiables that make up the identity of the Corps. He said he’s focused on reinforcing those.
Story here. 

Hmm.  Were you paying attention this week?  We got a news alert that a SEAL Team had been kicked out of theater and that same day we saw some Marines arrested (in MASS) out at Pendleton for gross stupidity.

News of the SEAL alleged misconduct vanished in a flash.  The idea of that elite outfit being involved in behavior so gross....the fact that they refused to cooperate in the investigation, didn't spark any additional questions.  Didn't send defense journalist into a frenzy to see what was actually behind all that.

It simply disappeared.

Not the same with the story on Marines out at Pendleton.  That story has legs.


Because despite all the publicity.  Despite what I consider the obscenity of actually chasing the spotlight, the SEALs still don't have the imagination and love and interest that the Marine Corps has with the American people.

We have problems.  We have issues.  But we're still America's Praetorian Guard.

It's refreshing, damn near hardon producing to see the new Sergeant Major Of The Marine Corps walking in talking this way.

Hopefully he climbs out of the fighting hole this office has had for the past few years and gets out and about, pushing the views expressed in this article.

This new Commandant and SMMC could possibly lead to a much needed revival and a refocusing on Marine Corps principles.  We can hope can't we???

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