Thursday, July 18, 2019

Uninformed speculation about the drone shootdown...the real story is that USMC Low Altitude Air Defense Battalions are back!

The armchair generals have started weighing in and talk is raging about the Marines aboard the USS Boxer shooting down an Iranian drone.  There is ONE journalist that's plucking nerves with so called statements of fact when the effective range of the system (to my knowledge) has never been disclosed. Check out the Tweet below.

For her to state unequivocally that the range of the weapon system MUST BE 1,000 yards is frustrating in the extreme.

We just don't know the factors involved.  How many times did they broadcast warnings?  What was the established "kill zone" for aircraft (manned and/or unmanned) and vessels (manned/unmanned) in the region?

The list of variables goes on.

What should get everyone's attention is that US Marine Corps Low Altitude Air Defense Battalions are back!

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