Thursday, July 25, 2019

US Navy SEALs are crashing against the rocks...

I have ideas on why we got to this point but I'll leave that to my readers to hash out.

One thing Special Forces has said that makes a ton of sense and something that the USMC will have to grapple with come to the fore.

Special Ops cannot be created overnight, and quality must be maintained.

The Navy SEALs obviously have an issue.  So will the USMC.  How do you maintain Marine Special Operations Battalions, Force Recon, Recon, Snipers, Anglico and Radio Recon when your force shrinks to 150K?

How do you maintain numbers AND staffing all those units when the overall force gets smaller?

In short, how do you prevent what happened to the SEALs being repeated by one of these USMC units?

Sidenote.  This wasn't a minor incident that caused this either.  I don't know what it was but for the CENTCOM commander to lose faith/confidence in the discipline of a unit like the Navy SEALs means that something big happened.

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