Friday, July 12, 2019

Venezuelan second-tier militia unload from a truck


Didn't know about this group.  Enrique's words are instructive...
You see these old men (and women, not pictured here) usually manning guard posts at hospital, public stadiums, and any sort of public building, although they’re always unarmed. 

And for what I’ve seen, they’re just retirees trying to earn some extra cash by serving the regime, so unlike the colectivos, whom use their position to impose death and violence on anyone that opposes them, they just quietly stick to the jobs they’re tasked with, doing so with a type of kindness I though was lost among Venezuelan public officials, so really, as much as I hate the Maduro regime, I have absolutely nothing negative to say about them!
Venezuela is a mess.

Trying to guide an insurgency is also messy.  These retirees are part of the govt.  Not because they're trying to oppress the rest of the population but because they're trying to put a little food on the table.

A scalpel is needed to remove Maduro, not a sledgehammer.

Is there a way to remove this guy without bloodshed?  Is there a way to support the people there without aiding the govt?

Don't know.  It's above my payscale.  But hopefully someone is on it.

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