Sunday, July 28, 2019

Zakaria: America's defense budget is out of control...Is he right???

Thanks to ArmChairGeneral for the link!

"Lacking strategic coherence, utterly mismanaged, and ruinously wasteful..."

I'm a defense proponent and I can't disagree there.  Is he right?  But consider this.  If he is right then what do we do?  How do we get the Military Industrial Complex under control?

I keep circling back to the F-35.

It has jobs in many states and around the globe.  The thing isn't built for efficiency, its built to provide program protection.

It's worked too.

By any estimation that plane should have been canceled.

Even circling back to my beloved Corps.  What is the answer to modernization? We're about to shrink the Corps.  Perhaps a necessary but hard thing but understandable.  But with a smaller Corps have you seen any indication that we're looking at fewer weapon systems?  Aircraft?

I haven't.

The weird thing is that I know this is all a buildup to what everyone knows is coming.

The terrible 20s is real and it doesn't matter who wins the next Presidential election, the defense budget is gonna get sliced.

My call is simple.

Let's get a start on this (and the new Commandant seems to be trying to get ahead of the curve) and do it smart.  Better scapels than meat cleavers...and the accountants have meat cleavers!

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