Friday, August 16, 2019

Amphibious Trailer (WTCT-6 Trailer) for use with Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT) & DUKW Amphibious Truck

Just plain wow.

I've considered this as a modest proposal to toss toward the think tank boys and shot it down as being too outlandish.

My idea was that since the ACV was coming online that we could use robotic AAVs, converting those in storage and then taking the hulls of those deemed unsuitable to be cut down and used as trailers behind those robotic AAVs.

If our aviation units are maxed out performing other tasks then we'd have a logistics mule that could go from ship to shore, cross the beach and deliver supplies to units inland.

Yeah it would be slow, and I know that's just one of many holes that can be punched into this proposal but that was my thinking.  Oh and one of the reasons why I never put it onto the blog.

But nothing is new and I guess they already thought of this stuff!  AMAZING!

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