Saturday, August 24, 2019

Blast from the past. Low Profile Turrets...

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Hey gents. 

I truly believe that history is repeating and if that's true then the time we're living in is akin to the "interwar" years JUST BEFORE the start of WW2.

Does that mean I believe we're faced with a nuclear war in the near future? No.  But I do think that we're about to see a revolution in warfare that will sweep away what we believe today and replace it with something different going into the future.

Having said that I don't believe we've seen the demise of the tank, nor do I think we'll see it in the future.

BUT I DO THINK that manned turrets no longer make sense.  I believe that unmanned turrets with the crew cocooned in heavily armored capsules in the hull of the vehicle is where we're going on an evolutionary path with the addition of some type of energy based weapon into the distant future.

Long story short?  The pics you see above are the future.  A future that leadership wasn't willing to embrace (perhaps limited by technology of the time...I don't know) but will become the new standard.

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