Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Calls for gun control...

I'm kinda amazed.

If you look at the latest rash of mass shootings one thing becomes apparent. Most of these guys got their guns legally.

So background checks won't do much good if you're thinking logically.

Next up are the red flag laws.

So my neighbor can call and state that I'm a danger and the US govt will send its agents to deny me of my rights to own guns?

Does this sound like 1984 to anyone?

The solution is simple.

Punish the evil doers to the maximum extent of the law.  Let it be known that if you commit murder then your life is forfeit.  Let it be known that the punishment will be swift and sure.

But that won't happen.

Even worse?

The passions of the mob are overwhelming common sense.  Even the allies of gun owners seem ready to abandon them. 

My prediction?

You'll see gun owners go underground.  The dark web will probably be the new home for the members of that tribe.

And that my friends is dangerous.

When you have an entire segment of the population decide that they can no longer discuss things in the open then you are taking steps toward hidden dangers.  As bad as some think things are they can get worse if the mob holds sway.

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