Monday, August 05, 2019

Destination Unknown Graphic Novel...The Best Seat In The House" story (in JPEG format)

The part of the story that got me by the short hairs?  The idea that an military airplane could be hacked.  What sent chills is that the plane asphyxiated the pilot once they lost link.  The AI got out of the system before the OHPA could track it? 

Wild stuff.

If this is even close to reality then the future battlefield won't be a place any human could survive for even a microsecond.

Wonder how they see future armor?  Will it be manned?  Additionally the previous talking point is that the "human terrain" must be conquered.  That was the focus of our counterinsurgency efforts.  Is that to be abandoned when it comes to peer vs peer warfare?

Yeah these are some real basic questions but I'm starting out in Kindergarten on this stuff so you'll have to bear with me.

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