Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hong Kong protesters sing US anthem, with US flags...sorry bro, but this ain't our fight. Don't get pissed hear me out!

Heart warming ain't it?

Makes you BEYOND sympathetic to their cause doesn't it?

But the reality is this ain't our fight!  The protesters screwed this up.  The fate of their city was sealed long ago and this show of force is (maybe, I kinda feel like its gone off the rails) to be applauded.

But it still ain't our fight.

It's past time for the USA to start playing big boy politics.  How many times have we rushed into a situation in the name of "democracy" only to see the whole effort blow up in our faces?

How many times have YOU personally complained that we aren't taking care of issues here at home but instead spending lives and treasure pursuing the prosperity and happiness of people in other lands?

I'm past done with that madness.

It is heart warming to see them with US flags singing the national anthem.  It does make me sympathetic (to a point).

But this is a China problem.  The Brits gave the city back and that's a done deal.

Sidenote.  Does anyone actually know what they're protesting now?  I've seen this type of thing in the US.  Protests start and then once a concession is made the protests continue and its onto a totally different issue.  Frustrating as hell.

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