Tuesday, August 13, 2019

JLTV declared IOC...this is about getting stuff off the books...

via UPI
The U.S. Marine Corps announced that the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is officially ready to deploy, one year ahead of schedule.

Marine Corps Combat Development Command, Combat Development and Integration said on Monday that the JLTV program had reached "initial operational capability," making the vehicles ready for use worldwide, on Aug. 2.

The four-wheeled vehicle, developed with the U.S. Army, will fully replace the Marines' aging fleet of High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles. The new transports offer different variants with multiple mission package configurations, including packages for personnel, heavy guns and close combat weapons.

"The warfighting capabilities the JLTV provides our Marines far exceed the capabilities offered by its predecessor," said John Garner of the Marines' Program Executive Office Land Systems division. "I'm proud of what our team, in collaboration with the Army, has accomplished. Their commitment to supporting the warfighter delivered an exceptional vehicle, ahead of schedule, that Marines will use to dominate on the battlefield now and well into the future."
Story here. 

Make no mistake.  This IOC declaration a year early has nothing to do with the vehicle's capabilities at this time (I'm sure they'll be fixed) but everything to do with the budget.

Despite the recent plus up you can rest assured that the predicted budget trainwreck is still coming.

We just got word that the US deficit is approaching a trillion dollars.  With that being the case you can believe with every part of your soul that future defense budgets will be ravaged.

They'll be lucky to have things remain static.  The reality is that they'll soon face REAL cuts.

This move is to try and get stuff off the books. The F-35 lags, the CH-53K is facing a potential delay unless Sikorsky gets it's act together....the JLTV they can get done now...along with the ACV.

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