Thursday, August 08, 2019

KMW's Amphibious Vehicle Tracked (AVPT), now unwrapped and being tested for @AMBLE_Baltic, August 29 in Wilhelmshaven

via EDR
Take the running gears of the Puma and scale them down, add a diesel engine in the centre, two transmissions bringing the motion to the rear sprockets, add some rubber tracks and a hydrojet, make the front section similar to the old Soviet LT-MB and a rear section that of a boat, and in roughly five years you will get an Amphibious Protected Vehicle Tracked (APVT). KMW of Germany, part of KNDS, started working on this recipe in 2013 and at Eurosatory 2018 unveiled the concept study of this vehicle, capable of all-terrain and water operations, its peculiarity being that on land it drives with its front ahead, the front being optimised for land operations, while when afloat, it drives with its tail ahead, as this is designed to minimise flow resistance in water.

The KMW APVT is not intended to be a ship-to-shore connector but rather a well protected amphibious all-terrain vehicle capable of amphibious operations, mostly in riverine scenarios, the M√ľnich-based company having identified a potential market, mostly in Brazil and in Latin America.
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