Sunday, August 04, 2019

NATO & Partner Amphibious Forces in Europe (Graph)..

The above graph is from a Rand Report commissioned by the USMC to determine (I believe..can't find it right now) the composition and C&C possibilities from the NATO/Partner Amphibious Force.

The threat was Russia, but the conclusion should be obvious.

NATO and its partners have enough amphibious force projection capability to defend everything from Central to Northern Europe with the added bonus of going from defensive to offensive operations with relative ease.

Note too that this is just the amphibious force.

Left out of this equation is the attachment of US Army Light/Parachute Infantry Battalions, and/or Stryker Brigades, and lets not forget MARSOC, SEALs, US Army Rangers, US Army Special Forces and the special ops contingent of allied forces!

Do I need to mention that US Navy aircraft carriers are also left out of this mix?

Is it too much to say that we are capable of defending Europe with just our Navy/Marine Team along with our allied counterparts with a few Special Ops tossed in?

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