Friday, August 02, 2019

Naval Special Warfare Commander admits that they have a problem...a serious problem with discipline...

via USNI News.
3. By 7 August 2019, I am directing you to provide I written commander’s estimate that describes how you and your command team will develop a plan of action that is informed by “Naval Special Warfare’s Force Ethics Assessment” dated 22 March 2019. This document gives a holistic assessment of the community to include a way forward. As professional development, I direct reading the first 2 chapters of “A Tactical Ethic ” by Dick Couch. This book describes how we have had these problems in the past. and thus provides a case study that we can use to recalibrate our culture and regain our credibility.
Story here. 

I highlighted that bullet point because its important.  Think about the ramifications of the bold part.

Dude in the first part of his letter stated that he was unsure if they had a "culture problem" then moments later admitted that they need to "recalibrate" their culture!

Navy SEALs are broke beyond belief.

I don't think a traditional one or two day stand down can fix the problem.  They ran these guys ragged and now the bill has come due. 

My thoughts?

Punish those you must, but realize that this is as much a tasking issue as it is a discipline issue.

People aren't robots.  You over use them doing dangerous shit and they're gonna show the effects.

In my mind this bad behavior is almost a cry for help.

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