Monday, August 26, 2019

Navy SEALs are falling in on Navy standards...proof positive that our War on Terror is over...

via Navy Times.
Stung by a string of scandals starring SEALs behaving badly, Naval Special Warfare commander Rear Adm. Collin Green on Tuesday issued a four-page “back to basics” directive designed to shore up shoddy conduct, restore moral accountability and create better leaders.

Released to senior leaders and then obtained by Navy Times, Green’s guidance returns the SEAL and boat teams to standards expected of service members across the fleet, with a mandate for leaders to conduct “routine inspections of your units and strictly enforce all Navy grooming and uniform standards, including adherence to all Navy traditions, customs and ceremonies.”

Within popular culture, SEALs often are depicted as bearded commandos with a shaggy pirate bravado but Green’s memo echoes former Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson’s May advice to the sea service’s leaders, telling them that they will be judged by the character and performance of their teams.

Green’s guidance clearly puts character first and adopts steps that will anchor SEALs not only to their own storied history but to the larger institution of the Navy.

Commanders will inspect their officers and sailors during uniform shifts, establish “weekly battle rhythm events” to include quarters, unit physical training and zone inspections, with Green personally holding leaders “accountable for all substandard issues related to your personnel on and off duty.”
This has been a long time coming but I have to wonder.  At the end of the day how many SEALs will remain.  It's obvious that the wild and wooly times are over with, but some SEAL Team operators have only known life during this time.

How many are gonna say...fuck this noise, I'm out?  It gets better though.  Check this.
 Without quantifying their numbers, Green told his subordinates that “a portion of this Force is ethically misaligned” with traditional SEAL culture because of those “who fail to correct this behavior” and instead “prioritize this misalignment over the loyalty to Navy and Nation.”
Exactly how serious is he about this juicy tidbit?

From my chair that means that he's acknowledging that he has some bad actors.  Does that mean that they'll be separated from the Navy or reassigned (assuming they choose to stay)?

I think the downsizing of SOCOM that I've been calling for is about to start.  Oh and another ominous thing if you're a fan boy of the Special Ops Community.

This is coming from the Navy, not the Chief of SOCOM.  SEALs are getting all the attention but they're not the only ones hurting in this regard.

Will SOCOM remain a "separate" branch or will they fall back under their particular services?  I think it could happen.

For better or worse SOCOM will revert back to being the supporting rather than the supported force.  Story here.

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