Thursday, August 08, 2019

Russian Northern Fleet has deployed the "Ball Missile System"....

The missile division of a separate Northern Fleet artillery brigade, equipped with the new Bal anti-ship coastal missile system, deployed launchers on the Sredny peninsula on the coast of the Barents Sea.

Naval rocket men made a march from a permanent deployment point to the position area. About 60 troops and 15 units of military equipment were involved in the march, the Russian Ministry of Defense said.

On the peninsula, the average personnel of the division will work out the preparation of the Ball complexes for firing at surface targets, and will conduct a missile strike exercise against a group of conditional enemy ships with imitation of missile firing.

The Bal coastal missile system entered service with the Northern Fleet coastal artillery brigade to replace the Rubezh complex. It is designed to destroy surface targets at a distance of up to 150 kilometers. It is planned that the first practical firing of the DBK “Ball” will be carried out this fall during the planned exercises of the forces of the Northern Fleet.
Totally unfamiliar with this weapon system.

Does the Commandant's new mantra of bringing back the FMF mean that Marines will have to become familiar with weapons that can threaten the fleet now?

If so then basic military education on that front will be essential...and require a rethink of things.

Threat identification just became a bit tougher for Marines everywhere.

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