Monday, August 19, 2019

Syrian and Russian warplanes target the Turkish convoy heading south!

If this is real then the pucker factor in the region just spiked.  I'd be surprised if senior leadership of Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and the US wasn't on the phone right now trying to lower the temperature on this stove.

I've said this is the most chaotic war zone on the planet and that still stands.

The stakes here are varied, have numerous cross currents and is obviously a VERY high stakes game.

It would be very nice if leadership would inform the public of their real goals here.  One thing is certain.  Freedom and democracy have left the building long ago.  This is about power, influence and cash.  Some have speculated on the fighting being about an oil pipeline.  I don't know.  Pipelines can be easily disrupted so why engage in full scale combat over it?  There is more to this story and I want to know the details.

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