Saturday, August 10, 2019

The amazing story of the first black astronaut training...the untold story of Ed Dwight...

via NY Times.
So Dwight enlisted in the Air Force in 1953. He rose through the ranks, from cadet to second and then first lieutenant. He leaped into procedural vacuums, streamlining operations and preparing manuals. When instructors were absent, he ran instrument training classes. He administered examinations to his fellow pilots and flew extensively in his off-duty hours. He completed correspondence courses in electronic engineering and calculus. In one evaluation, a lieutenant colonel wrote that Dwight’s “aggressiveness, coupled with his unlimited ability, place him in the outstanding category for a young officer.” Another superior wrote, “I would not hesitate to nominate Lt. Dwight to represent me or the Air Force in dealings with the public.” On top of all that, he looked like a movie star.
Story here.

A trailblazer that had his path cut short due to the racial politics of the day.  I wonder how things would be IF he had been allowed to fly into space.

Regardless.  I wish I had known his story earlier.  Even in the heartbreak there is much least to me. 

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