Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The IDF is claiming that the Iranian Quds Force Commander ordered a strike on their territory

The implications here are startling.  The Iranian Quds Force Commander ordered an attack on Israeli territory? 

Hopefully we can get confirmation of this fact from another intelligence agency...verification of this is important for the region.

On a side note, does anyone know if the Quds Force acts independently or under the direction of the Iranian govt?  I've heard it both ways and clarification is needed.

Regardless it appears that the hawks are warming up for the next of a series of wars in the Middle East.  Is it fair to think of these as individual fights or are they (as I suspect) all connected and part of an undeclared/unacknowledged REGIONAL WAR that has been raging for more than a decade?

My thinking?

This is all economic.  Sanctions are hurting.  The Iranian govt is feeling threatened.  If the trade issues continue, we see an economic slowdown that further depresses economies world wide and God forbid we slip into a global recession (as some are forecasting...with some saying this two years ago) then that might be the spark that leads to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, the US and Russia acting as a supplier to Iran, all crossing swords.

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