Wednesday, September 11, 2019

9/11 Day Of Remembrance...mixed feelings...

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Sept 11 is without a doubt a day of remembrance.  It's a day that we should not forget.

I honor those that died.  I grieve for the families in their suffering.

In that I have clear feelings.

What gives me pause and should be inseparable from that disgusting act is what came next.

The foray into Afghanistan which still has us there 19 years later.  The invasion of Iraq and our participation in that ongoing cesspool.

I can't shake the idea that 19 lunatics were allowed to affect the entire world.  One mad man basically turned our nation upside down, got us to enact laws that are at best questionable and at worst Orwellian.  One idiot (along with the decisions of leaders here) basically set the entire Middle East and North Africa on fire because this one incident led to a domino effect that is still being felt today.

We shouldn't forget 9/11 but we also shouldn't forget what we allowed to come after.

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