Friday, September 13, 2019

Add drones to the list of items that people use to evade police.

How soon till we see drug dealers using these to move product?  That's certainly got to be in someone's thinking as we speak.  Additionally how soon till we see anti-drone devices attached to police units along with cell phone scramblers.

I focus on the military but law enforcement by necessity is becoming more sophisticated and unfortunately again out of necessity more militaristic....simply because crime is doing the same.

Doubt me?  Even in European countries the threat of illicit communication during raids could put law enforcement/public in danger during you need cell phone scramblers.  Drug dealers are transnational so anti-drone devices will be necessary when drone use becomes widespread.

It's truly a brave new world.

Sidenote.  I take no position on the subject of this video.  I simply look past it and examine what the truly evil could do.  Whether this guy is a villain or hero is up to you.  I haven't even heard of him before.

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