Thursday, September 12, 2019

Army eyes more lethal Stryker force to face near-peer adversaries of future

 The Army is pressing ahead vigorously with efforts to make its Stryker Brigade Combat Teams more deadly and otherwise ready to take on large, modern adversaries on the battlefield, military experts said here Sept. 10 during the 2019 Maneuver Warfighter Conference.

The Stryker force accounts for nearly a third of the Army's Infantry forces, according to several speakers at the day's sessions.

Strykers have seen extensive service in the post-9/11 era, but the Army has seen a need to prepare them for the battlefield challenges they'd face in combat against near-peer military adversaries.

"It's all tied to that mission of meeting that near-peer competitor," said Col. Syd Hills, director of the Stryker Warfighter Forum. Hills was the speaker for a discussion of what's ahead for the Army's Stryker forces.

"Gotta keep up with the speed of war," said Hills.

Accordingly, the Army has undertaken a broad range of initiatives to shape the Stryker force of the future. Some upgrades involve weapons being added to the Stryker, including a 30-mm cannon that can train devastating fire on an enemy. Equipping Strykers with anti-tank missiles is another example of the push to increase Stryker lethality.

Some Strykers are equipped with a turreted 30-mm cannon, others with Javelin anti-tank missiles, and some with mortars, but there are also numerous Stryker variants that have been adapted to a broad variety of roles.

In addition, the Army is focused on adding sophisticated electronics that will enhance the Stryker's existing ability to communicate on the battlefield. Also in view are modifications of the Stryker's key parts, including such basics as tires, steering and engines, according to Col. Bill Venable, who gave the audience a detailed rundown of the Army's Stryker modernization effort.

At what point does modernization become cost INEFFECTIVE and its just better to move on to a more capable platform?

I think the US Army has unfortunately reached that point with the Stryker.  Let's be actual and factual.  This was suppose to be an interim vehicle. It has served beyond the call but now its time to move on.

The tech has advanced to such a point that as 'vigorous' as these modifications might be, the base vehicle has become unserviceable on the modern battlefield.

To continue this theme the new breed of 8x8s simply outclass the Stryker by a large margin.  Check a few out below that I think are best of breed.

Eitan.  This Israeli beast is in my opinion the best non-amphibious 8x8 in production today
LAV 700.  Not much talk about this vehicle but the specs are impressive and it should allow the Army to have minor disruption of its supply line.
VBCI.  I consider this the most underrated 8x8 on the market today.
Patria AMV-XP. Probably the most balanced 8x8 on the market today.  It comes from a proud lineage, is sophisticated and has conquered the Iron Triangle.  Another great vehicle.
My bigger point.  Everyone reaches a point where you have to decide whether it makes sense to continue to upgrade/maintain an older vehicle or move forward.  When it comes to the battlefield the decision is easier.  It's not just about convenience and maintenance, lives are at stake.

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