Monday, September 23, 2019

Blast from the past. USMC Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations Concept Document...

Thanks to Richard for the trip down memory lane!

Add this to the list of MV-22 variants that doesn't seem to be getting off the ground. Quite honestly if they followed thru with some of the planning it would undoubtedly be the most important airplane in the Marine Corps.  Quite honestly if they had followed thru with this plan then we would be able to possibly wait on the F-35 till it was working right and continue on with the Harrier for the next decade.

I talked about my never ending pride in the Marine Corps and my intense frustration.  Consider this exhibit number one!

Look at all these fantastic ideas that don't seem to be getting any movement! The Marine Corps is a THINKING, EVOLVING, and TRAIL BLAZING organization that strives for perfection.

We put in the sweat equity but the funding keeps alot of the brainwork from seeing the light of day.

The Marine Corps irrelevant?  Not hardly!  Not likely!

For all the people throwing stones at this house its walls are high and formidable.  The work is being done.

HQMC might frustrate at times but they show glimpses every now and then that they're focused on the big fight...the future fight.

Note.  The EABO Concept document has been erased from the internet...well Scribd has it but it's behind a paywall.  Probably upload it if people want to see the original but I don't want to run afoul of HQMC and the farm boys across the way at Quantico.  Let me see if it considered "close hold"  before I go further (kinda curious cause they did release the public version but like I said...its gone from

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