Sunday, September 22, 2019

Divisions are back in fashion for the US Army...

via Military Times.
As the new Army chief of staff settles into his role this fall, he’s looking at setting the stage for massive deployments across the world, should the need ultimately arise.

The large-scale combat operations laid out under the new National Defense Strategy would require division-strength movements, unlike the repeat deployments to the Middle East over the past 18 years, during which the Army’s primary unit of action has been the brigade.

The service’s brigade combat teams have been gearing up over the past few years in an effort to reach higher readiness rates. But being ready at home station and being ready to deploy over the Atlantic Ocean to wage war in Eastern Europe are two very different undertakings, and a conflict at the scale imagined by current Pentagon leaders will require far more than a single brigade.
Story here. 

Brigades never felt right as the "nominal" unit for the Army.  Division seem more natural.  Maybe its just a case of normalcy bias on my part.  Maybe its me looking at it from the outside and realizing how much the Army supports others while in theater and a feeling that the Brigades just couldn't tote the same amount of gear in that regard.

Don't know.

But I do know that the Brigade system was confusing (at least to me), top heavy and a bit unwieldy.

I cheer this change.

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