Friday, September 20, 2019

Finnish Navy Frigate Pohjanmaa-class Contracts Announced

via Corporal Fisk
Shortly before half past two this afternoon, two ministers, a general, and an admiral marched out to meet the gathered press to announce that the Finnish government had discussed the complete Pohjanmaa-class package, and that they had approved the signing of the contracts. The three key contracts will be signed next week in Turku, with the prime contractor Rauma Marine Construction, Saab for the combat system and integration, and with Aker Arctic Technology for the propellers and shafting, While Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen certainly was correct when he at the start of the conference announced that he had "good news to tell", today's press conference was actually rather short on actual news. RMC has long been the sole contender for the shipbuilding contract, and shortly after the the Finnish government dissolved last spring it was announced that Saab had been downselected as the sole contender for the combat system and integration contract.
Story here. 

Becoming a fan of this dudes blog and I'm really interested in what the Finn's are doing.

They're a small but apparently quite capable military and they seem to have it nailed down tight.

It's past time to take a look at what these small powers are doing.

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