Thursday, September 05, 2019

French Army on exercise in Estonia

Hat tip to Tom Antonov's Twitter Page...

Note.  If we did a list of the most underrated aircraft, ships, armor etc...the French would be high on that list.  I think the Rafale is a very capable multirole fighter, the VBCI is extremely robust and combat proven and the BPC class LHDs are damn near perfect multirole ships that are affordable, capable and would serve the USMC nicely if we standardized on the America Class LHD and replaced the LPDs and LX(R)s with them so we could disperse the fleet while retaining a formidable air & surface assault (we could put our fast movers on the Americas and rotary would dispersed on all the BPC along with armored vehicles/LCACs).  Maybe we actually should do an underestimated/unappreciated list of vehicles.

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