Thursday, September 26, 2019

I'm sorry Ma'am. Could you tell me how you really feel?

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So this was not how I wanted to enter back on Social Media. I I have not been on social media for 3 years. I’m getting back on today to make sure the world knows about this horrible racist incident that happened to me. #thishappenedtome ————————————— ... I am “The black woman” this racist woman verbally assaulted inside #cvs. I filmed her, it’s my voice you hear. I asked the #cvs employees to call the police. The cashier responded the customer is calling now. I proceeded to film her in action. #CVS did nothing to protect me. I’m awaiting for police to contact me as they didn’t come to the scene. THERE ARE LAWS AGAINST HATE CRIMES. I will stand and fight. #racist #racism #people #country #america #black #ignorance #blacklivesmatter #theygolowwegohigh #peace #notonmywatch #thishappenedtome #adreneash #costumedesigner #stylist #blackwomen
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Two things.

1.  This lady would take some extreme verbal judo and mental discipline to keep from simply punching in the face except for number 2.

2.  Reading the story (here) its obvious that she's just one of the millions of mentally ill people on the streets of America...or she's drugged or both.  The crazy thing is that I've recently learned that prescribed medication could cause an interaction unforeseen by their doctor that could cause this type of erratic behavior.

And of course all of the above could be true and she could still be a freaking racists.

Who knows!  This chick needs help though.

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