Saturday, September 21, 2019

Iranians are displaying an anti-air system with Global Hawk kill mark ....

I don't want war with Iran but they're being provocative as hell.  Unfortunately we're dealing with madmen so a region already in flames will likely explode if we choose even a moderate response.

But that's the problem.

If we don't respond we encourage further attacks.  If we do then we could make a regional war already in progress explode to involve nationstates instead of proxies.

I don't want war.

But I'm tilting toward a dramatic response to put them in their cages or give us reason to bomb them back to their level of thinking.

My desired targets?

Bomb every oil producing installation we're aware of.  Forget the nukes.  Go after their economy and make them suffer.

Add to it a dedicated naval campaign to destroy every oil carrying vessel in port and I think we can wrap up the first stage of the operation.

What if they retaliate?  What if they go after the Saudis again?  I'm not sure the Saudis are worth protecting BUT the Iranians are getting out of hand.  If that's the case then another strike will be necessary.

This time we go after nuke facilities, Quds Force barracks/installations and we even go after the country's leader.  Yeah.  We target the Ayatollah.

I'm really tired of playing with these boys.  If the Ayatollah can't control his generals then he gets to meet his God.

That's my rough sketch.  What's yours?

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