Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Island Hopping...Video by Lance Cpl. Dylan Hess

Is this what Amos was pointing toward when he launched the "aviation centric" Marines?  Is this an indication where the new boss is taking us?  Ok.  Then I'm starting to get it.  The concept seems region specific but I imagine that they feel it can be tweaked or rather the MAGTF can be tweaked to deal with issues in other places (like the Middle East or North Africa which show no signs of cooling off).

If my musing is close to the mark then Amos was terrible at expressing his thinking and took unnecessary hits because he wouldn't tell the tribe what he was thinking.

Unfortunately the new guy is facing the same issue unless he starts explaining his plan...telling us his thinking.

The good news is I'm starting to see where they're going.  That's freaking awesome.

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