Saturday, September 07, 2019

Mi-38VP & Mi-38T At MAKS2019

Note. I really should have hit coverage of this event a bit harder...

So much for the theory I've heard tossed about that the Mi-38 wouldn't have a military version.  Russia procurement (from what I can see) revolves around the idea of incremental improvements while developing replacement systems.

With that being the case its hard to figure the critique that they have weapon systems in development for a long time. 

The best US analogy would be if we had done the F-35 differently.  If the plane was being developed normally while at the sametime we continued improvements of existing aircraft we'd be in a much different place than we are now.

We'd have whole fleets of our 4th gen fighters with AESA, the latest helmets and other tech in the fleet while the F-35 was being perfected.

Unfortunately the disaster that was the procurement of the F-22 (truncated), B-2 (truncated) and other examples throughout history pushed the meme in the minds of planners of concurrent development/production.

On second thought it isn't the Russian system we should emulate but rather our historic procurement model.

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