Thursday, September 19, 2019

Open Comment Post. 19 Sept 2019

Light blogging till the weekend.  New job has not only slammed the modern day Marine plans but also caused a few other things to go off track.

Will reset, reorient and head forward with a quickness though (my long weekend off).  Stand by it'll be sorted shortly.  Thoughts on the new Marine Corps doctrine are coming.  One tidbit to start the discussion.

How many times is the USMC gonna fall prey to the idea that "its broke so we must fix it"?

Are we not feeding the idea that we're searching for relevancy when we're undoubtably relevant in this batshit crazy world?

I think we are and I'll expand on it.  One other thing.  How many starts and stops can we have?  How many times can we jerk the Navy's chain and demand a "different" kind of ship and then watch it basically go unused without a REAL plan on going forward?  The Expeditionary Fast Transport comes readily to mind (although it would seem a natural in the new scheme) and the once named Mobile Landing Platform does too.

I'm just not sure about the constant rebranding, lurching from concept to concept that I'm seeing.

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