Thursday, September 26, 2019

Parachutes fail during BMD airborne exercise...military training is inherently dangerous.

Thanks to RakuRO for the link!

Vid here.

S300V4 first alerted me to this incident but I was getting slammed at work so couldn't latch onto it.  I was reminded by RokuRO and can dig into it a little.

I can't and won't jeer, pester, mock or make fun of this incident.  Military training is inherently dangerous.  Additionally we've all called for it but some seem to be a bit miffed now that they're delivering.

The Russians were open about this.  That's a diplomatic win (small but worth noting).  We asked them to be open and they're doing it.

Back on task.

Simply put?  Shit happens.  No one was hurt so it was still a good day.

Sidenote.  What are these things constructed of?  The vehicle appears to have almost micro fragmented.  Wouldn't expect that of an armored vehicle even dropped from height.

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