Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Hong Kong Social Media Battle. China pushing law & order vs Protester pushing freedom from oppression.

Interesting.  The Chinese are obviously (at least from my chair) aching to put down the protests in Hong Kong.  Additionally it seems that they're feeling that the ground hasn't been properly laid for such activity.

China Daily IS WITHOUT A DOUBT an arm of the Chinese govt and pushes their narrative.

I have no problem with that.

What I find curious though is the complaint they're making that the coverage has been one sided.

I thought China would have acted by now.  I was wrong.  What comes next is in the wind and its swirling. 

There is only one good thing coming out of this incident.  We know now that all is not well within that country.  THERE ARE domestic concerns that must be addressed by leadership.

This is a front that the US should exploit.  Domestic unrest can blunt foreign activity on their part and turn attention inward.

If we were smart we would forment such unrest in a bid to halt their military buildup.  This is an opportunity we should not let go to waste.

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