Saturday, October 05, 2019

Blast from the past. BAE's AMV-35 for Australia...

Watch the vid carefully.  What's your take away?  I'm seeing BAE/Patria pushing the idea of Affordability, Lethality and Survivability.  Ok, that's nothing new, but it does explain their approach to this contest.  Quite honestly I think General Dynamics took the same approach.

Unfortunately for them, the Aussies were looking at a different set of parameters.  My meaning is that affordability took a back seat to other factors where the corporations named focused on that as an important, if not primary consideration.

Why bring this up?

Because the Rheinmetall KF-41 was dropped from the US Army competition because they could not deliver their vehicle on time.

Was it laziness?

Lack of planning?

Or did they assume that a request for an extension would be automatic?

I'm not sure but one thing seems apparent.  Defense contractors work almost hand in glove with the various Ministries/Defense Depts around the world.

Seeing these types of disconnects should be alarming.  It shouldn't happen.  Is it any wonder that we see supply chain, training and other issues with new gear?

Relationship building was a huge buzzword not too long ago.  Forget that.  Just get a working understanding of expectations would seem far more beneficial to both sides. 

Who knows.  That alone might lower costs.

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