Monday, October 28, 2019

Can anyone recommend a good "tactical" flashlight?

Hey guys.  This might sound weird but I'm looking for a good "tactical" flashlight.  Tactical isn't quite the right word but the desired features are...

*  Solid construction.

*  Waterproof...not trying to live out a Force Recon or Navy Seal dream but being in the rain and it not cutting the mustard is unacceptable.

*  Can handle shocks.  Again I don't need it to survive IED blasts but drops and such it should have no problem with (of course within reason).

*  Prefer if its rechargeable but not a deal breaker.  I just don't want it to eat up specialty batteries like they're candy.

*  This is a biggy.  I'd like a simple interface.  I'm not a flashlight pro and don't want to have to cycle thru numerous settings.  I'd like a high and maybe a low. Again I'd prefer just one click and I get high.  Low is something I can use the ancient eyeballs for or defuse the light by shining it off target if what I'm trying to see gets washed out.

I know this is a goofy request but I can't pin this down.  The light above is the closest I've seen to meeting the need (black the tan but can't do it) but I've read bad reviews on how it gobbles batteries.

Any suggestions would help.

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