Sunday, October 06, 2019

Chinese H-6N Long Range Anti-Ship Strike Aircraft

Thanks to Filippo for the pic!

Haven't talked about this but since Filippo posted the pic in open comments I decide to have a run at it.

Just look at that airplane.  Look at it's loadout.  This thing is aimed at one thing.  US Navy ships.

It kinda makes you realize what the new planning that the Marine Corps is involved in is all about.  Additionally I TOTALLY reject the idea of Anti-Access/Area Denial.  That was a sales gimmick.  The total purpose of that acronym was to sell the F-35 and the B-21.

We're already in the 1st and 2nd Island Chains.

We don't have to fight our way into those spheres...we have bases there.

What's being done in a subtle way.  In a way that makes it appear that we're on the offensive is this new concept that's being developed.  But make no mistake about it.

At its core its all about defense.

Think about the idea of Expeditionary Advance Base Operations.  Then consider what the Japanese Self Defense Forces are doing.  Mix in USMC forces and then expand that out into the greater Pacific.

I believe we have to turn our thinking on it's head.

We aren't having to fight our way into the 1st and 2nd Island Chain.  The Chinese are going to have to fight their way out!

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