Thursday, October 03, 2019

Commandant of the Marine Corps. New way of fighting focused on China...

via USNI News.
The service sees China as the pacing threat to prepare for, but the service does not want a war; rather, the Marine Corps sees itself as a first-responder to any fight that bubbles up, quickly getting to the scene to “freeze” the conflict and allow diplomats to de-escalate, ideally, or for the military to send in follow-on forces if called upon, Gen. David Berger told a small group of reporters today in his office.

Though planning for this kind of force has been taking place at Marine Corps Base Quantico and at the Pentagon for several years now, talk of pacing threats, peer adversaries and freezing and containing conflicts hasn’t been part of the public lexicon.

But Berger, who took command of the service in July after heading up future force planning efforts in his last assignment, said he’s ready for the public to see a more modern take on what the Marine Corps brings to the joint force.
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This guy is hitting all the right marks with me.  I love the way he thinks and I'm turning into a fan (no homo).

Do you know how long I've waited to here a service leader speak plainly about the threat that is China?

Do you know how much its irked me that all the talk of the past 3 years has been about Russia while the Dragon has been gaining strength?


God bless the Marine Corps!

Even if the rest of the services (and the nation) ain't ready, the Marine Corps will be!

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