Thursday, October 10, 2019

Defenture Armored SUV

via Motor 1
Developed completely from the ground up as a military vehicle, the Defenture isn't based on some production car platform nor does it share much technology with any known brands. It's a multi-fuel powered modular platform that comes with robust suspension, extreme angles of departure, and even four-wheel steering for the best agility and optimum handling out in dangerous areas. While the video does show a mostly skeletal frame, the GRF 5.12 Platform can be converted from a combat role, to a medical vehicle, to a pickup truck, and even a supply vehicle easily. It also comes equipped with hardpoints for weapons and various tethering points for when the vehicle is transported by land, air, or sea.

While it makes a bit over 200 horsepower and around 500 foot-pound of torque (we're not sure if the type of fuel changes engine output), the GFR 5.12 Platform weighs in at 5,500 pounds, and has a payload capacity of 4,700 pounds. It also has a maximum range of 600 miles, being able to operate easily behind enemy lines.

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