Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Hanwha’s 42-tonne next generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle, the Redback is S. Korea's K21 Replacement...

via Asia Pacific Defense Reporter.com
At a ceremony this morning in the South Korean capital, the country’s Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon watched the unveiling of Hanwha’s 42-tonne next generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle, the Redback.  Built by industrial giant Hanwha, the Redback has been shortlisted for the Army’s $15 billion competition for around 450 vehicles, which will replace Vietnam era M113 armoured personnel carriers.  The other contender is the Rheinmetall Lynx.

The first vehicle was completed about one month ago and has now been shown in public for the first time after a series of company maneuverability trials.  This IFV plus another two will be shipped to Australia in one year from now for further tests to be conducted by the Army and the Defence Science and Technology Group for the phase of the competition known as the Risk Mitigation Activity.
Story here. 

I'm a fine one to complain but this article wanders all over the place.  Big take away?  The Redback is a modernized K21 and is slated to replace it in the near future.

Add this vehicle to the list of one of the most capable in the world.  Just like it's older, but smaller big brother.

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