Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Irritation of the week. Killing the ISIS Leader in Syria is not a war winning development!

By now you've read about the Delta Force raid to kill the ISIS leader is Syria.  If you haven't then read about it here.

But table that part of things and let's focus on the bigger part. 

This isn't a war winning development!

How many raids have been conducted to kill or capture high value insurgents? Has it brought us closer to winning the wars?  I personally think not.  The fascination that the media has with the latest op has more to do with US politics (IMO) than it does with the efficacy of this approach.

Instead of taking a sober look at our efforts in the region, we're getting a mix of flag waving along with moralizing over the decision to pull out, correction, redeploy our forces to a different part of that country.

Don't get me wrong.

SOCOM is elite.

That force is carrying a burden in this fight that is heavy indeed.

But their way of war is/has failed.  If we're gonna be honest, its obvious that ISIS is so compartmentalized, so fragmented and has so many different moving parts that the killing of leadership will have no material effect on the fighting.

To be brutally honest, SOCOM is fighting ISIS like they're a conventional force, not a terrorist/hybrid organization.

Bin Laden is dead and it hasn't made the fighting in Afghanistan go away.  This bubba is also dead and my bet is it won't change things in Syria.

That's my take.  That's my irritation.  But don't just throw things and get mad, tell me where I'm wrong.

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