Monday, October 07, 2019

Let's be honest about the withdrawal from Syria...let's have an honest discussion about Trump's decision.

Ignore for just a second the latest tweet from Trump.  You know the one where he talks about his wisdom.

Instead let's focus on the 900 pound gorilla in the room.

Trump stated that US forces would withdraw from Syria and the Think Tank Mafia, current and retired Generals, media from both sides of the isle, politicians from both parties and so called experts on the region all told us the same thing.

The idea is nuts.

My question is why?

Look at the mess that is Syria.  We allied with TERRORISTS to perform regime change.

Full stop.

That's just the pathetic fact.

Additionally I can't prove it but it's readily apparent that not only did we assist ISIS in their attacks on the Syrian govt but we defended that terror group from others that sought to destroy them.

The result was the most chaotic battlefield that I've ever seen.

But that's not even the biggest problem.  The problem is that we've entered into yet another war and WE DON'T HAVE A PLAN TO EXTRACT OURSELVES FROM IT.

So if the smartest guys in the room don't have a plan, mind you they're the same folks that have had us in Afghanistan for almost 20 years, then why is now not the time to pull out.

Don't play the Kurds are a great ally card  either.  They made this situation extremely problematic when they declared a Kurdish state.  An ally that acts in that way in that region isn't really an ally.

They're an opportunist.

They've fought by our side but was it out friendship or more the "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" thing?

As difficult as it may be, a decision in the best interest of the US MUST BE CARRIED OUT.

If you think I'm wrong then tell me how continued operations in Syria will lend itself to a wonderful outcome.

If not then bang on Trump for the idiotic statement, not the policy.  Cause from my seat it's as good as what we've got from the smart kids in class.

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