Friday, October 25, 2019

Our foreign policy is officially batshit crazy...we're now sending armored vehicles to defend oil fields...

via Politico
The Pentagon plans to use armored vehicles to defend northeastern Syria's oil fields from attack by Islamic State fighters, Defense Secretary Mark Esper confirmed today, minutes after President Donald Trump tweeted that the troops are coming home.

“We are reinforcing that position. It will include some mechanized forces,” Esper said at a press conference at NATO Headquarters in Brussels when asked about the new stay-behind force Trump authorized this week.
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Every ounce of doubt is now gone.

This whole exercise was never about ISIS, it was all about regime change in Syria and for some ungodly reason...oil.

The idea of sending a mech force to guard oil fields in Syria is batshit crazy!

It makes absolutely no sense and will end up being a target for every radical group in the region.

This will end badly.

Mark my words this will end in tears.

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