Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Outrage over plans to change Royal Marines’ centuries old ranks and uniforms

via The Sun
ROYAL Marines Top Brass are up in arms over plans to change their centuries old ranks and uniforms.

Under shock new proposals Royal Marine officers will have their rank structures removed and replaced with with Royal Navy ranks.

The potential change will also affect the insignia worn on uniforms as senior Navy officers seek to drive the 6,000 strong Royal Marines further into the Royal Navy “fold.”
While the Royal Marines are part of a the Royal Navy they are seen as a distinct unit with a unique identity.

The proposed changes - hatched by the Royal Navy - sparked immediate outrage.

Former Royal Marines officer Major General Julian Thompson who commanded 3 Commando Brigade during the Falklands War, blasted: “This is an absolute disastrous ideas and it is total rubbish.

“The Royal Marines have been with the Navy serving at sea since 1664 dressed as soldiers – which is what we are.

“We are not sailors who pretend to be soldiers.

“It’s absolute nonsense, it would create a ludicrous situation.

“It is utter rubbish and the idea is totally fallacious.

“They haven’t thought it through, we’ve always looked like soldiers for 350 years. It is preposterous.”

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