Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Special Forces Officer on Kurdish issue..."I am ashamed for the first time in my career." My question is why?

A dramatic statement.

Almost heart rending.  Stunning in its simplicity.  Audacious.  Bold.

But does it make sense?

Does it fit in with this SOCOM Officer's leadership role of assessing a tactical/strategic situation coldly and logically?

Does it answer a simple question.

Why are you ashamed?

If he's ashamed on a moral level well he's probably in the wrong profession.  If he's thinking that he owes something to the Kurds then he needs to get up to speed on what led up to this situation.

via Vice
The Kurdish-controlled areas of northern Syria are expected to declare a federal system imminently, Kurdish officials said on Wednesday. Syria's Kurdish minority already control a large swath of land in the north of the country, and Idris Nassan, a Syrian Kurdish official and former leader in the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), said the upcoming declaration would mean "widening" that "framework of self-administration."


Syrian Kurds effectively control an uninterrupted stretch of 250 miles along the Syrian-Turkish border from the Euphrates river to the frontier with Iraq, where Iraqi Kurds have enjoyed autonomy since the early 1990s.


In the end, a formal declaration of a federal system could antagonize both the Turks and the Syrian government. Turkey, whose conflict with the Kurdish PKK has escalated in recent months, has already said such moves were unacceptable. "Syria's national unity and territorial integrity is fundamental for us. Outside of this, unilateral decisions cannot have validity," a Turkish Foreign Ministry official told Reuters. On Saturday, Syria's government in Damascus ruled out the idea of a federal system for the country.

"The Syrian Kurds are an important component of the Syrian people," Syria's Ambassador to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari, said. "We are proud of them; they are proud of us. We have established our state together for centuries. So, betting on creating any kind of divisions among the Syrians will be a total failure."

The US State Department released an official statement reacting to the announcement.

"We have not and will not recognize any "self-rule" semi-autonomous zone," it said. "We remain committed to the unity and territorial integrity of Syria."

The Russians — who have helped to prop up the beleaguered Assad regime — have signaled they are open to more Kurdish autonomy.
Story here. 

Yeah.  We've been heading to this very situation FOR A LONG time.  That story is from 2016 but the enacting of this "state" occurred just this year.

The reaction from Turkey was beyond predictable.

But back on task.

What is this SOCOM Officer's solution to this issue?  If he's ashamed then give us a solution beyond endless occupation!  The same applies to all the politicians that are showing concern.

It also applies in spades to the Joint Chiefs, others in the Pentagon and especially Think Tanks and Globalists.

Don't be ashamed Sir.  Give me your damn solution or stop spouting off to the news media.

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